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Free marijuana in schools

1. duben 2010 v 12:55 1st of April, 2010, Our Region In Czech: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=412859967348 With the proposal for distribution of marijuana to all schools came forward the teachers themselves. The reason for their decision was the fact that in recent…

Auntie Bushka’s Homemade Hemp Salve

Bushka Bryndova, 21.08.2005 http://www.chanvre-info.ch/info/en/Homemade-hemp-salve.html    Cannabis can be used for the fabrication of various medicinal preparations. One of the most powerful hemp preparations is the hemp salve. Its efficiency was proven already in the 50s at the Olomouc University Hospital,…

Cannabis use brings subjective improvement

of motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease     Bushka Bryndova, 1.09.2005 http://www.chanvre-info.ch/info/en/Cannabis-use-brings-subjective.html According the survey on cannabis use in patients suffering of Parkinson’s disease carried on in the Czech Republic, long-term use of cannabis mitigates symptoms of this illness. The…

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